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Nightmare Nights
Church Girls Nightmare Nights Punk Rock Theory
Thursday, November 16, 2023 - 17:29
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Loud, in your face and angsty as hell, Church Girls’ latest offering has it all . The Philly foursome kicks things off with the relentless title track, which is about “feeling jerked around in a relationship, especially when you’re young too young to stand up for yourself.” Just like its message the song is fierce and aggressive, while leaving plenty of room for melody and sheer catchiness. All at once. In the best possible way.

‘Death Wish’ starts off with the kind of riff you’d expect from a math-y 90s emo band and then bursts wide open in the chorus, only to then morph into this atmospheric build-up that leads up  to a satisfying climax that somehow reminded me of ‘Sing The Sorrow’ era AFI. ‘Fall Apart’ is another one that’ll leave your head spinning. Poppy in the verses, no holds barred in the chorus. The EP also packs two versions of ‘I Hate This House’: one a straight up punk rock banger, the other a remix by producer and engineer Scott Solter, which I’m sorry to say doesn’t really redeem itself. Sorry, Scott!


Nightmare Nights track list:

  1. Nightmare Nights    
  2. Death Wish    
  3. Fall Apart    
  4. I Hate This House    
  5. I Hate This House (Scott Solter Remix)


Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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