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The Long Way, The Slow Way
Camp Trash The Long Way, The Slow Way Punk Rock Theory
Tuesday, November 15, 2022 - 10:10
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Early last year, Camp Trash made quite the entrance with their debut EP. ‘Downtiming’ came with just four songs, but it was everything this Bradenton, FL based band needed to make one hell of an impression with songs that were melodic and sweet while still rocking hard.

So was I looking forward to the band’s debut full-length? Hell yeah!

Do they deliver on said debut full-length? Hell yeah!

They manage to take all of the energy and melodies that made the Get Up Kids’ ‘Something To Write Home About’ such an amazing album along with some Saves The Day and 90s alternative rock influences. Add a healty dose of witty self-deprecation and then mix it all together until you end up with a dozen slices of emo-ish pop punk that should go a long way to dramatically improve your day while also cementing Camp Trash’s reputation as one of the best newcomers in the scene.


The Long Way, The Slow Way track list:

  1. Mind Yr Own
  2. Pursuit
  3. Weird Florida
  4. Another Harsh Toyotathon
  5. Enough Explaining
  6. Poured Out
  7. Lake Erie Boys
  8. Let It Ride
  9. Soft
  10. Church Bells
  11. Riley
  12. Feel Something
Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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