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Laughing In The Face Of Failure
Bullets And Octane – Laughing In The Face Of Failure
Thursday, December 17, 2009 - 00:00
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No, this is not a new album but a combined re-release of Bullets And Octane’s last two full-lengths, “Song For The Underdog” and “Bullets And Octane”. Apparently those albums weren’t readily available in Europe yet, which has now been rectified thanks to one handy release. When I first heard this band’s 2006 album “In The Mouth Of The Young” I was hooked on their dirty, sleazy rock sounds after just one listen. Unfortunately the follow-up was already less impressive. On “Song For The Underdog” these guys sound more like a bad version of Unwritten Law. All of a sudden it seemed like they had lost all their authenticity as well as their grit.

Listening to this year’s self-titled album, I get the impression that they got their shit together again. But it still isn’t exactly what it should be. They’re definitely improving again though and sound more sincere than before. Shall we blame it on a temporary loss of sanity? I guess time will tell.

If you’re new to this band, I suggest you start off with “In The Mouth Of The Young”, avoid “Song For The Underdog” at all costs and immediately move on to their new album instead.