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The Best In Town
The Blackout – The Best In Town
Friday, June 19, 2009 - 00:00
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“The Best In Town” is the name of The Blackout’s new album and throughout ten songs they have no problems liing up to the expectations. While opener “Shut-The-Fuck-Uppercut” prepares you for some generic screamo clichés right down to the sing/scream thingy, the rest of the tracks here vary from Lostprophets at their most mellow (“Silent When We Speak”) to New Found Glory (“This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”).

If you’re into heavy riffage coupled to poppy melodies, then you’re most likely to be swept off your feet by this Welsh outfit. They’re not very original but even this cynical editor has to admit that they’re really good at what they do on songs like “Save Our Selves (The Warning) and “Said And Done”!