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My Perception
Black Box Revelation - My Perception
Monday, November 28, 2011 - 00:00
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For album number two, Black Box Revelation decided to take a little trip and ended up in LA with producer Alain Johannes. And while Johannes did help make “My Perception” sound great, it didn’t turn out to be the bombshell everyone was expecting. Or at least hoping for.

With songs that linger somewhere between the Stones and some Delta blues band, Black Box Revelation try to find their way throughout the eleven songs on here with mixed results. “Skin” is a damn fine song as is “Shadowman” and “Sealed With Thorns” sounds like some unearthed song that Neil Young wrote and then forgot all about. Sounds good, right?

Unfortunately there are also songs like opener “Madhouse” that spend way too much time with one single riff. And while the idea of writing one song and wanting to re-record it every ten years is a good one, “Lonely Hearts” is one of the weakest offerings on here.

“My Perception” is not a bad album but there are a couple of cuts on here that don’t really serve a purpose and they tend to drag the whole thing down. The other songs however do offer hope that we haven’t heard the best from these guys yet.