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Each And Everyone
Annabel – Each And Everyone
Wednesday, May 27, 2009 - 00:00
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Annabel started out of Kent, Ohio when brothers Ben and Andy Hendricks decided to give it a go together. After two EPs and a couple of line-up changes, their debut full-length is now a fact. It’s called “Each And Everyone” and it’s out now on Michigan upstart Count Your Lucky Stars.

Three of the songs on here ("Castles in the Air," "Bouquet Mines" and "Parade Rest") could already be found on their latest EP “Now That We’re Alive”. They haven’t changed a lot except for a better production and are definitely still worth hearing. The real treat lies in the band’s new songs though. With a decidedly happy sound, the guitars always seem to build up to a nice climax while being propelled by Andy Hendricks’ impeccable drumming. Ben Hendricks has the perfect voice to go with this kind indierock with poppy touches. It’s kinda high-pitched but in a good way, especially working its magic when combined with background vocals by the others. There’s nothing but good things to say about this album… it sounds very warm and full and when those bells come in during “Bouquet Mines”, I get this silly smile plastered all over my face every single time.