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Aiden – Knives
Friday, July 17, 2009 - 00:00
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Even though I’m turning 30 in a month, I still feel like a kid sometimes. Listening to “Knives” was one of those moments. As a kid I got spooked easily and so the artwork of Aiden’s new album scared the living shit out of me. And a band that uses the words knives, blood, carving, fire and burn in pretty much every single song… well, they have to be really really dark, right? So they scared the living shit out of me as well.

But then I switched back to adult mode and realized that Aiden is now officially its own cliché. And they were already an amalgation of all the emo clichés to begin with. The lyrics are utter shit… I mean, can anyone beyond the age of 12 take lines such as ‘fuck your god / fuck your faith in the end / there’s no religion’ serious? Didn’t think so. Then there’s the music which is as inane as the rest of the band.

So yeah, I wasted a couple of minutes of my life listening to this album which I will never get back. But it’s my own fault. After all this is the new Aiden album I’m talking about. What the hell did I expect?