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Supersonic Home
Adventures – Supersonic Home
Saturday, February 28, 2015 - 22:04
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While keeping all of their frustrations strictly for Code Orange, 3/4 of that band have found a second home in Adventures, a musical outlet that’s reserved for all their other emotions. Following a couple of EPs, they have now released their debut full-length called “Supersonic Home”.

With a sound that’s highly indebted to the 90ies rock of bands like Superchunk and Belly along with some lingering emo influences, there shouldn’t be anything stopping me from liking Adventures. And while musically things are as good as can be on songs like “My Marble Home” and “Tension”, it’s the dual vocals, courtesy of Reba Meyers and Kimi Hanauer that fail to impress me. When they keep things subtle like on “Pure”, I’m loving the way their voices are all intertwined and tangled. But the infatuation is short-lived when one of them (not sure who) starts belting out the lyrics in monotonous fashion in songs like “Heavenly” or “Absolution, Worth Required”.

If you don’t mind the belting, there definitely is a lot to like about “Supersonic Home”. I personally can't wrap my head around it and it is a serious buzzkiller.

Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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