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Leave A Light On
7 Seconds – Leave A Light On
Wednesday, June 4, 2014 - 19:47
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And just like that 7 Seconds are back with their first new album in nearly a decade! This one is already the sixteenth album for the seminal hardcore punk band out of Reno who have already been around for over thirty years. Thirty years?! Think about it… these guys are old enough to be the dads of most of the other bands on the Rise roster.

But it’s not like their age is showing on “Leave A Light On”. Instead we are treated to a new batch of songs that come with all of the elements that we’ve come to love and expect from these guys. Socially aware lyrics? Check! Sing-a-longs? Check! Classic hardcore punk tunes? Check and double check!

Whether it’s short, fast burners like opener “Exceptional”, “Slogan On A Shirt” and “Your Hate Mentality” or more mellow paced cuts such as “Standing By Yourself” and the title track, it’s all here. And it’s good! “Leave A Light On” is actually one of the better 7 Seconds album when you hold it up against their last couple of albums. Nothing against those either but it seems like a decade in between albums worked wonders for the band. Then again, I guess I’d be pretty motivated as well if I took ten years off.

Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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