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Trouble With The Curve
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Monday, April 8, 2013 - 13:14
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Clint Eastwood plays Gus Lobel in “Trouble With The Curve”, a grumpy baseball scout with whom age is starting to catch up. While he is still in denial about the whole thing, the suits of the Atlanta Braves are starting to question his judgment. The only one who can help him is his daughter Mickey (Amy Adams), a lawyer at a big firm who’s well on her way to becoming a partner. But in order to help out her dad, she has to put her own career on the line. Justin Timberlake stars in the movie as well as Johnny “The Flame” Flanagan, a former pitcher who has his eye on the same player as Eastwood. Meanwhile his other eye falls on Mickey.

It’s the kind of movie that comes without any big surprises. You can spot the plot developments from a mile away but it’s still fun enough to watch. Just don’t go in expecting too much and you’ll be just fine.