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Cold Pursuit
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Thursday, October 3, 2019 - 11:06
Cold Pursuit
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‘Cold Pursuit’ sees director Hans Petter Moland taking the remake of his dark comedy/revenge movie – 2014’s ‘Kraftidioten’ – into his own hands. That one took place in Norway and had Stellan Skarsgård driving a snowplow when not killing a lot of people who were involved with the death of his son. In this version, the Rocky Mountains provide a stunning backdrop and Liam Neeson gets to do the same thing he has been doing in every single one of his movies since Taken. Well, maybe not in Men In Black: International. Don’t know about that one because who the fuck would actually want to watch that?

Murder. Snowy landscapes. Dark comedy. It doesn’t take a lot more than that to make you think of Fargo. Unfortunately for Petter Moland though, he is no lost Coen Brother. The thing about the Coen Brothers’ best movies is that they are not just wickedly funny, you also get to care about the characters. And well, you aren’t really handed a lot of reasons here to care about Neeson’s character. From there on it’s just simple logic to how I got to a score of 6.