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Sunday, October 21, 2012 - 20:30

Number two in our series of bands playing this year's Fest is with Static Radio NJ. Read on below and go check them out live if you're at the festival... it's your very last chance!

PRT: What’s your favorite Fest venue to play in and why?
Vic: Common Grounds, or whatever it’s called now. I just like the size and the setup and the sound… and the bartenders HOOK IT UUUUUUPPPPPPP

PRT: Fest-bands play house shows, parking lot shows and hotel room shows. What's the most outrageous place you ‘ve ever played a show? And on that same note… where would you never want to play a show?
Vic: When Shook Ones played in Spanish Gamble’s old apartment (second floor) the people that lived underneath were all standing outside because the ceiling looked like it was going to cave in. That was wild. Also, there was the time Paint it Black used our equipment and tried to play in the back of the box truck, but I guess the generator wasn’t big enough to handle the power so everyone just sang along to the drum parts of one song until cops on horses came by and broke it up.

PRT: Name one thing Fest is missing. "Groupies" is not a valid answer.
Vic: Have people really answered that question with “groupies” before? I think Fest is pretty well set, but if I HAD to add something, I would add a really big water slide.

PRT: What’s the one thing you need at Fest?
Vic: Shit, I don’t know… Sunglasses?

PRT: What's the best thing about the Fest?
Vic: Fuckin hangin out!

PRT: What sucks about the Fest?
Vic: The lines can be pretty rough sometimes.

PRT: On a scale from 1 to 10... With 1 being Lindsay Lohan and 10 being Charlie Sheen... How hard will you party and how do you plan on doing that?
Vic: You know what… I’m not answering this. Just come find us at the fest and see for yourself. All I’m saying is, there better be karaoke SOMEWHERE. You know what, THAT’S what the fest is missing.. Karaoke. We stumbled into a bar at the fest a few years ago (that was not participating in the fest) that had karaoke and it was probably of my favorite moment of any fest. Also, Lindsay Lohan parties hard, doesn’t she? Shouldn’t 1 be Mr Rogers or something?

PRT: Why should people come see your band out of the zillion other bands at the Fest?
Vic: Because it’s our last show ever, and we need one more chance to persuade people to buy our records, so that after we’re done being a band we’re not stuck with enough records and cd’s to build the foundation of a house.

PRT: Name one artist that should really/never play The Fest. Why?
Vic: That SHOULD play the fest? Turbonegro! I feel like they’re just the embodiment of what the fest is about... And they’re awesome.
Should NEVER play? Green Day. I don’t even care if it was a Dookie set, they are dead to me.

PRT: For those out there wanting to meet Tony… can you describe him in one sentence?
Vic: Without trying to stick my nose too far up his ass, he’s a really nice, cool, down to earth dude, and I really wish he wasn’t so (understandably) busy during Fest weekend so we could hang out with him more.

Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

Lacking the talent to actually play in a band, Tom decided he would write about bands instead. Turns out his writing skills are mediocre at best as well.