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This Is Hell is a kickass hardcore band who already have two very solid full-lengths out. They always seemed to feel at home over at Trustkill but now there’s the “Warbirds” 7” which will be released on August 18th on Think Fast! Records. Time for an update with the band…

PRT: First of all, thanks for releasing "Warbirds" on my 30th birthday. You shouldn't have done that you're too kind!
We just couldn't resist, you're welcome!

PRT: You've always changed your sound a little with every release and that's no different on "Warbirds"? where you sound a bit thrashier. Is that change something you talk about in advance or is it just the way the songs come out?
Hmm, I think we wanted to take it in that direction a bit beforehand , when we record our new full length I think it'll be even more in that direction. I'm very excited and refreshed about the songs.

PRT: You already have a whole bunch of 7"? out. Is that your format of choice?
I don't have any certain preference, but 7 inches are rad to collect and stuff. A lot of labels are leaning in that direction these days and that's okay with me.

PRT: Now I can see where the Warzone cover comes from but how come you decided to cover INXS' "Never Tear Us Apart"??
Haha, I think we are going to get that question a lot. Our guitar player Rick came up with the idea. Deep down he's a sensitive fella and has a soft spot for INXS. I think it came out great, it was cool to have strings and a tambourine and such. We had fun recording it.

PRT: It's your first release on Think Fast!. What made you go with them and what exactly happened with Trustkill?
Ryan from Think Fast has been a friend of ours for years. When we left Trustkill we were looking for a label to do a quick short release to hold people over until we found a new label to do a full length on. We left Trustkill on good terms but we didn't think they did a very good job of promoting our “Misfortunes” album and it seemed like they weren't interested in the band anymore. So we asked to leave and they let us. No major drama or beef.

PRT: Right now your'e on the 10 for 10$ tour"| how's that working out for you?
Yeah it's going pretty rad, I got to watch Madball everynight for three weeks and that was sick. I'm a big fan of almost every band on the tour so it’s a blast.

PRT: Why did you pick that tour over say, the Warped tour?
Umm we didn't get offered to play Warped Tour. I think we would've done that for sure. It would be a lot of fun despite the heat and long drives. A handful of our friends’ bands are on the tour. But the 10 for $10 tour is an amazing idea and a perfect fit for us, we are pumped about it.

PRT: You seem to be on the road pretty much all the time. What are some tips to keep your sanity when stuck in a van for a long period of time?
Read a book, watch a movie, masturbate furiously.

PRT: For the people out there who haven't seen you guys live yet"| what are they in for?
A 30 minute guitar solo if you catch us on a good night.

PRT: Any last words for our readers?
Thanks for checking out the interview, pick up a copy of “Warbirds” and come to a gig.

Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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