GG Elvis and the TCP Band
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Elvis is alive and kicking and brutally mutilating his own songs along with the T.C.P. band. Need proof? Check out G.G. Elvis' debut album "Back From The Dead" which is out now on Mental Records. Here's an email interview we did with Has Been Elvis, Boobie Ho-Tep and Elvis Vicious!

PRT: Who are you and what is your favourite Elvis anecdote??
Has Been Elvis, “Keep the change”

I’m Mallory Jean Barrett, aka Boobie Ho-Tep. I took my name from the movie, Bubba Ho-Tep, where Bruce Campbell plays Elvis in a retirement home, kung-fu fighting an ancient Egyptian mummy. I’m not really sure there is a true Elvis anecdote that can beat a mummy sucking the souls of elderly Texans out their anuses.

I'm Vicious - the most Vicious - Viciousy - the Viciousiest - uh well, just Vicious, Elvis Vicious. As for your second question - Peanut Butter & Banana sandwiches are a cure for everything.

PRT: How on earth did you come up with the idea of starting a punkrock Elvis cover band and the different impersonations?
Elvis Vicious: As a result of a shattered psyche from way too many pharmaceuticals causing multiple personalities to splinter off and do ... what else? START A BAND!!! (or: Blame Larry!)

Has Been Elvis: Tony and I (Elvis Of Nazareth) were doing a tribute to long hair bands and at our rehearsal I stopped playing the drums and looked to the sky……… and then it hit me like a giant donut, what if we played all Elvis music and changed it to punk. The look has evolved from simple to complex costumes and air-soft sticker guns ect. ect. The shows are going to get more elaborate and funnier.

PRT: After just three rehearsals, you already played at the Punk Rock Bowling Tournament and got offered a deal with Mental Records. How serious are you guys about GG Elvis?
Has Been Elvis: You keep up the great questions and I gonna send over a gold Cadillac to the station. I keep seeing the group doing a “Got Milk “ ad or late night talk shows or maybe a great spot in feature films (David Lynch or of that nature) Lots of “Schtich

Elvis Vicious: As serious as a heart attack... while sittin' on the shitter.

PRT: I can imagine a lot of people in the punk scene eating this up but have you already had a lot of reactions from huge Elvis fans? Do they like you guys or think you deserve to choke in your next cheeseburger?
Has Been Elvis: A lot of people from young to elderly, stay at shows to see what we are going to do next. Most people can’t believe during the show, GG Elvis grinding naked on the stage, and want to get a little closer to see what little Elvis look’s like. Also, don’t forget to look for “Celebrity Testicle”.

Elvis Vicious: They love us so much they wanted to feed us, they threw tomatoes at us.

PRT: Your debut “Back from the Dead” comes out in a month... what should people expect exactly?
Elvis Vicious: Exactly? Expect a small round shiny disc (officially called a "Compact Disc") enclosed in a square flat plastic box (officially called a "Jewel Case") accompanied by brightly colored paper printed with pictures and words (officially called "Liner Notes")

Has Been Elvis: The craziest idea I think I’ve seen in a while for tribute groups. The music is so tight and creative, that I think it will grow on the fans. We took old punk tunes and mixed them in with the “Kings” music and you get GG Elvis and the TCP band. The DVD that is in limited supply, will have you on the floor saying things like, “I can’t believe I just saw “Celebrity testicle” and things like “the outtakes are more hilarious that the mocumentary.

PRT: How hard was it to find classic punk songs that went well with Elvis songs?
Elvis Vicious: That's what she said...

Has Been Elvis: I don’t know how to put this…………….Most fans do not know it………… The king was the first punk rocker! All punk songs fit the Kings music, period.

PRT: There is a terrible picture in the booklet somewhere that comes with a ‘scratch & sniff’ thingy. Am I right to be scared to death to actually scratch & sniff?
Boobie Ho-Tep: When I found out about the scratch n’ sniff, I was afraid… very afraid… I knew if I asked what to expect, I wouldn’t get a straight answer, so you don’t get one either…

Has Been Elvis: No way, go for it, if you get one ….sniff it I say.

Elvis Vicious: Scared you ASSked? I RECTUM I can ANALyse your question, you lil sly sphinxter: be afraid, be very afraid.

PRT: On the DVD there is a part without music. Apparently it had something to do with the sync rights to the music. What exactly happened there? Don’t they have a sense of humour at the Elvis Estate?
Has Been Elvis: No. This was news to our ears too. Our label did everything right to keep an artist / label relationship positive and do the right thing in regards to royalties with the estate. We do not have the recourses yet to afford that kind of financial hit to the label and at some time soon we will make better and crazier videos to come.

Elvis Vicious: A sense of humor? That's hard to say - have you seen Pricilla lately? She's got so much botox pumped into her ya can't tell if she's smilin' or frownin'.

PRT: I read somewhere that before GG Elvis was born, there was also a band called The Cock Rockers... is something ever gonna happen with that as well?
Has Been Elvis: I don’t recall.

Elvis Vicious: Refer to Colonel Parker

PRT: What is one thing you’d definitely like to achieve with GG Elvis before he leaves the building again? And is it true you’re already planning a second album
Has Been Elvis: World domination with comedy, and fun tunes we all can relate to. Yes this is true Connie, we are in gear for a new idea I am not at liberty to discuss at this time.

Boobie Ho-Tep: My goal is to offend or amuse Elvis out of hiding. I was a member of the Church of the Risen Elvis until I found out that his life insurance has yet to be cashed out. Suspicious minds? Not really. No way would someone have overlooked something as large as a life insurance check.

Elvis Vicious: I'd like to achieve a hard-on, but all the opiates in my system prevent that - not that I'd be able to see it anyway! The last time was when Ann Margaret mistook my weenie for the gear shift filming the car scene in Viva Las Vegas.

PRT: You’re planning a European tour in September (please don’t skip Belgium!). What exactly should I expect from a GG Elvis show? Does everyone need to shake those hips before being allowed to go into the venue?
Has Been Elvis: Shake your money maker I say! Come to the show and I personally guarantee you will have a great time and won’t leave disappointed.

Elvis Vicious: Expect 5 old sweaty fat guys playin' rock & roll. Secondly, shake at your own risk, if ya wanna break a hip - oh wait, that's us guys.

Boobie Ho-Tep: At minimum, full frontal nudity. It’s enough to shock an American audience, and I’m not sure yet what GG will have to stick up his ass in Europe in order to get that kind of reaction. Swivelling hips is not a requirement, but a sense of humour is recommended.

PRT: What would be the perfect way for GG Elvis to go and what would his last words be?
Has Been Elvis: After world domination, he will just shack up with Kenny Rogers in Hawaii on a private island and tell stories to the locals.

Boobie Ho-Tep: Duh, fighting an ancient Egyptian mummy, while vocalizing the sound effects, like “pow” “smack” and “crack”. In fact, I think it would be a most honourable death and we should begin planning our farewell tour in Egypt. Thank you, thank you very much…….

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Tom Dumarey

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