Comeback Kid
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Tuesday, April 23, 2013 - 20:39

Just a couple more days folks! Are you guys ready to sing along with Comeback Kid at Groezrock as they unleash "Turn It Around" with original vocalist Scott Wade? We know we are! Here's a short interview we did with former guitarist, former vocalist and now current guitarist Andrew Neufeld.

PRT: What do you think the "Groez" in "Groezrock" stands for?
Andrew: I have no idea. I even just looked it up in google and still don't know!

PRT: One beer at Groezrock costs less than 2$. Good or bad and why?
Andrew: Good for obvious reasons! Bad because Groezrock will probably have a lot more festival dudes passing out in the middle of the afternoon in the mud or grass while people trample over them trying to watch the next band, going from stage to stage. :p

PRT: If Groezrock was the scenery for The Lord of the Rings, which character would you be and what would be your quest?
Andrew: I'm not really a fan of LOTR, I much prefer Game Of Thrones. I would be the dwarf, Tyrion Lannister and conspire to take the throne!

PRT: If people recognize you on the festival grounds, should they leave you alone or come up and give you a hug?
Andrew: Maybe meet in the middle with that. Come say hello and hang out! 420 friendly

PRT: Top 5 least favorite things at open air festivals?
Andrew: - MUD
- Big ass barricades
- Security ( when they are assholes )
- Festival punishers
- Long walks in bad weather to go see bands I like.

PRT: Top 5 favorite things at open air festivals?
Andrew: - Hanging out with friends is # 1,
- Seeing bands you actually love and care about ( There are a lot of those for me at Groezrock this year )
- Catering is always super yummy
- Playing to more people than we ever could on our own at a club show.
- Passed out festival goers laying in the grass or mud.

PRT: For the past couple of years, there's always been a big reunion show at Groezrock. Refused, Rocket from the Crypt, CIV... Which yet to reform band
should we book?
Andrew: Modern Life Is War.

PRT: If you would have to do a guest appearance with one of the bands of this year's line-up, which band would it be and during which song?
Andrew: Hatebreed - Perseverance. That would be insane.

PRT: You’ve already played the festival a bunch of times… what are some of the things we can still improve on? It’s okay to be critical, right?
Andrew: It's a pretty perfect festival set up I must say. We are on tour with Backtrack right now and I would have liked to see them on the fest but ... no dice. That would be my only request ;)

PRT: This time around you’ll be playing a lot of songs from “Turn It Around” and “Wake The Dead” with Scott on vocals again… doesn’t it feel strange for you to go back to playing the guitar?
Andrew: You know, we played our first show of the stint we are doing last night at the Underworld in London. We were a bit nervous but it ended up going really well, which is giving us high hopes for Groezrock . It is a little bit strange after 7 years to play guitar for Comeback Kid again but it is so much fun. I'm just trying to be cautious, and make sure my gear doesn't fuck up or anything. I'm a little clumsy like that.
Scott coming and doing these shows with us over the next couple months is in my opinion really cool. I'm loving it and I hope that people who are into our band will appreciate it for what it is.

PRT: When “Turn It Around” first came out, did you ever think that you’d be where you are now 10 years down the line?
Andrew: I've always been quite ambitious but I don't think I could fathom 10 years when I was 21 years old. I'm glad that we're still doing the band and I'm feeling excited about the future of CBK. Look out for a new album at the end of 2013!