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Monday, July 28, 2014 - 18:13

Okay, so this email interview with Ian from Cheap Girls is short. Like, really short. Incredibly short even. Which kinda sucks. But the band did release yet another friggin' amazing album called "Famous Graves" a while ago and the answer to the first question made me laugh. So I guess that kinda makes up for the short answers, right?

PRT: You have a new record and it’s great. Can you sell it to our dearest readers in a tweet?
Ian: Sure. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/famous-graves/id826135431

PRT:But let’s be critical: have you already discovered anything about it that makes you think: “we should’ve done this differently”?
Ian:Not yet, but it's still early. I'm certainly welcome to that emotion though. It sorta fuels initial ideas for the next record. 

PRT:This is your fourth album, you’ve been working and touring hard. Are you expecting, hoping or dreaming of “making it” and becoming a superstar?
Ian:We've done enough with the band thus far that has surpassed what I originally thought we could do that I can honestly say things are, literally, a dream come true.

PRT:The thing that struck me most was the departure from the thick, distorted Dinosaur Jr.-like guitar sound. What made you decide on a crispier sound?
Ian:I think diversity throughout a record won-out over full-speed ahead guitars this time around.

PRT:Another thing that stands out, in a good way, is the honesty of the music. There are just guitars, drums and vocals. Have you ever thought about adding something extra in the studio?
Ian:With this new one we've added quite a bit of organ, synthesizer and layered parts that we hadn't really focused on as much in the past, whether it was a financial restraint or just not enough time.

PRT:Every review and interview at some point mentions Cheap Trick, Replacements, Big Star and other Midwest greats. How do you feel about those references?
Ian:Love those bands so much.

PRT:Which songs from these artists do you wish you had written?
Ian:I'm not really sure. Thirteen by Big Star is a song I warm up with almost nightly with my acoustic so maybe that one.

PRT:Another thing that the press generally raves about are your “hooks”. But what do you consider a “hook”. And how do you come up with one?
Ian:I'd like to think it's the gunshot of the song. The same part that feels good to sing, and the same part that shows people why they've put the record on.

PRT:I read that you weren’t on the same page with your previous record label after “Giant Orange”. What do you expect from your record label to do for Cheap Girls, in general?
Ian:Support our desires of sustainability and creativity and growth.

PRT:How difficult is it to be in a band with relatives?
Ian:I love it. Ben means the world to me. So talented, responsible and just an amazing guy.

PRT:Any Oasis-type incidents that occurred over the years? Throwing guitars, or throwing punches?
Ian:Not really difficult at all. We've played music together since we were very young. But Oasis is one of my all-time favorite bands and I'm listening to their second record as we speak. They were one of the first bands I ever just absolutely, flat-out loved.

Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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