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Solea is pretty much one of the most underrated bands I have come across in the almost nine years I've been doing this zine. They already released an amazing album a couple of years ago and are back now with "Finally We Are Nowhere", an album that shines from beginning to end. And hey, if you need another selling point... the band features Garrett Klahn from Texas Is The Reason and Sergie Loobkoff from Samiam. Read on to see what they had to say and buy the album for yourself as an extra christmas present. Or while you're at it... pick up a whole bunch and treat all your friends to a copy. They'll like you. For real this time. (photo courtesy of Piper Ferguson)

PRT: Who are you and what would you like to tell our readers about yourself?
Garrett: This is Garrett. I live in Brooklyn, NY and make music.
Sergie: I'm sergie, I live in los angeles and sometimes I make some music...usually, I'm a pretty boring guy that works, comes home, reads, draws a drawing...lies around alot. I try to skateboard and jog too.

PRT: having been a part of bands such as Texas Is The Reason, Samiam, The New Rising Sons and Knapsack, did you feel a lot of pressure when you started the band in 2002? because people will already have certain expectations. or did you just start the band for fun and not care about anything else?
Garrett: No pressure at all. Sergie and I had always talked about playing together. It was a natural progression.
Sergie: I don't think either of us really think anyone really gives too much of a crap about any of the bands you mentioned...I mean they are old news. In fact, anyone that still cares would be pretty openminded people! But, we really started to play music together because of the opportunity to make songs and perform a little...not to make money or stroke our egos...it is a little late for that in our lives, we aren't young, hip guys.

PRT: for the unlucky few out there who haven't heard Solea yet... if Solea was the lovechild of two other bands, which acts would've had sex and which position were you conceived in?
Garrett: I would say Dinosaur Jr and great band from Chicago called Seam.
Sergie: In our dreams, ha. but I think we approach a sound like that. definately we sound alot like the guy from Texas Is The Reason singing for Samiam at the very least, ha...

PRT: with "finally we are nowhere" you released an amazing album. but i read that recording it wasn't always that easy because Garrett, you weren't into it anymore? What happened exactly?
Garrett: We recorded the record in Los Angeles. I was sick of being away from home and had a lot of other things going on in my life. I just took a little break. We ended up finishing the record in NYC which made it a lot easier.
Sergie: Garrett remembers things a little mellower than I ... because he didn't stress about letting down the label and stuff. I am the guy that deals with all the 'business' of the band...which is painful when you are a struggling, broke band. I was worried as shit about getting people in trouble at the label...and actually about perhaps getting sued if we didn't finish a final product for them. I also was very sad because I put so much work and effort into the record while he was absent. At the time I understood, he wasn't into the songs, the band...even just playing with me. Fair enough. But what I didn't like was that we were letting down alot of people. It all worked out well in the end...but for a long, long time I really didn't think we would make the record.

PRT: you already convinced me but can you give people three good reasons why they should spend their money on it when we are on the verge of an economical depression?
Garrett: It swings. It’s melodic. And you can dance to it.
Sergie: I say this not because I would see a dime from the proceeds...because I wouldn't unless we sold a very unrealistic number of copies...but our european label (arctic rodeo) and japanese label (bad news) have invested alot of time and money into this...they deserve to at least make their money back. It sounds like I'm being fake...but it's true: I don't mind if people steal...concerning my own profit because I have received almost nothing by way of royalites before piracy started...it means nothing to me. But there are alot of people who try to make a living off legitimately selling music. they deserve to be paid for their efforts. After all, I make a living off graphic design...I have fun touring and making recordings...

PRT: What I just can't wrap my head around is the fact that the album already came out in 2006 in Japan, took until now to get released in Europe and is still only available in the States through import if i'm not mistaken... how come labels aren't lining up to release an album like this?
Garrett: You’re asking the wrong guy. I have no idea. The music business isn’t like it used to be. But we’re happy it finally made its way to Europe.
Sergie: One side of it is that we are not young guys...we are not new...we are not fashionable. But mainly, we don't devote our lives to the band touring and touring and touring. In 2008, labels need a band commited to their band to make it work. we are actually lucky to have these two labels that stand by us when they know our situation...otherwise the record would never have been recorded, you know?

PRT: having been a part / still being a part of influential emo bands, how do you feel about what emo has become in the last couple of years?
Garrett: I don’t really know how to answer that question. I am out of the loop.
Sergie: If you mean bands like Fall Out Boy or Hawthorne Heights or whatever...yeah, I don't pay attention. I am much more interested in other types of music. I love Built To Spill, The Zombies, Hendrix, Sonic Youth, Beck, whatever...more than what is necessarily the 'thing' of the moment...

PRT: you also started a new project with John Herguth from House & Parish called Atlantic/Pacific... what can people expect from that?
Garrett: Dreamy, lush and melodic. That’s the best way I could describe it.
Sergie: It is a mellow Solea or House & Parish....like three guys sitting on a couch hanging out with guitars...no pressure, no motives...

PRT: can you imagine a life without being involved with music in some form, way or shape?
Garrett: No chance. Music’s all I’ve got.
Sergie: I could...but now that I'm used to being able to pick up a guitar every half and hour or so when I'm at home...well, there would have to be something else to occupy my free time and nervous energy. I used to not know what it would be like to live without a dog in the house...for example...but now it has been 8 years, i've adapted.

PRT: are there still things you'd like to achieve with one of your projects?
Garrett: I’ve always wanted to put record a “solo: album. I put a band together called The Surrounding Areas. Look for us in 2009.
Sergie: I'm a little jealous of Garrett...he sings and plays guitar, so he has that option. I can't sing...so no one would be interested in some simple instrumentals by me, ha.

PRT: any last words for our readers?
Garrett: Come see Atlantic/Pacific in December!
Sergie: yeah, please...that would nice.

Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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