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Tuesday, June 20, 2017 - 15:51

If Bad Cop / Bad Cop was the name of a movie, I would definitely go and watch it. But for now Hollywood is pre-occupied with reboots, sequels and prequels. But that’s okay, we still have the band Bad Cop / Bad Cop to enjoy the hell out of. They laugh at the notion of a sophomoric slump and simply released an excellent new album called “Warriors” (out now via Fat Wreck Chords). We caught up with Stacey Dee right before she left for the Warped Tour.


PRT: You have been very open about how you almost broke up while on the Fat Wreck 25th anniversary tour and Stacey’s addiction. Was that something that was important to you to be this open about it?

Stacey: I’m just honest.   If it helps people to see that overcoming some serious shit is possible, then yeah.... It’s important.  


PRT: Obviously things must be different for Stacey now that she is clean. But did being in the band change for the rest of you as well?

Stacey: I think the girls definitely got a reprieve from my bullshit.  The band we were is nothing like the band we are today. 


PRT: If you compare Not Sorry vs Warriors... even the title comes across as angrier. Are you angrier?

Stacey: With the state of what’s going on in the world, yeah a lot angrier.  It’s not meant to be an angry title.  We are warriors for the positive shit in life, like; honesty, justice and equality.


PRT: Am I correct in saying that you seem to be firm believers that shitty things lead to something positive? And that that goes for both your personal life as well as everything else? Like, do you think Trump being elected will lead to a positive change instead of just general outrage?

Stacey: I don’t know if we are firm believers in there needing to be shitty things in order to get something positive out of it. We’re never looking for shitty things to happen. I do think we believe that there is a silver lining in all situations.  The good thing about Trump is that its bringing up the conversations that needed to happen.  I don’t think any of this social self-realization would have happened without him coming into office.  I’m hoping that it incites people to get active, to where we actually can make great change by coming together and fighting for what’s really important.  Personally, walking through the fire always makes me stronger.  Not that I like to do it all the time.  


PRT: Musically, the new album seems a lot more straight-forward punkrock with less of the 60ies girl band influences that were on “Not Sorry”. Was that a conscious decision to change that?

Stacey: It wasn’t a conscious decision.  There is still an element of that 60s girl thang.  But I think we’ve always offered ourselves the opportunity to write and play what we want and what naturally comes out of us, not getting stuck in any one thing.  But, If ever there was a time to put out a straight forward punk record.... It’s now. I’m super glad we did.


PRT: You recorded the new album with Davey Warsop and Jason Livermore, but Fat Mike helped out as well. Is he an easy person to say no to when you don’t like one of his suggestions?

Stacey: I love working with Mike.  There were plenty of times everyone’s suggestions got turned down and it’s never an easy thing to do.  Whether it was Mike or any other creative force involved in the project. This record wasn’t easy to make. 


PRT: In the A-Team every character has its role in the team. There was the planner, the hustler, the clown and the muscle. Does every one of you have a well-defined role like that

in Bad Cop / Bad Cop?

Stacey: Ha!  Good question....  Linh is definitely the ham of the group, so she’d be the clown.  Myra is the protector, so she’d be the muscle.  Jennie is ultimately organized so she’d be the planner and I’m definitely the hustler.  Shit maybe that’s why we work so well together.   


PRT: You will be on the entire Warped Tour this summer ...what are three things you can’t leave home without in order to survive the tour?

1. Super Glue

2. Boots

3. Fanny Pack


PRT: Are there bands on the Warped Tour that you have already met and definitely want to hang out with again?

Stacey: Totally!  Can’t wait to see all of our friends on the tour and spend the summer with them.  Sick of it all, Strung Out, Ataris, War on Women, Barb Wire Dolls, Adolescents, Anti Flag!!!  Everyone!  Shit’s gonna be tight!  


PRT: Bands you are looking forward to finally see live? 

Stacey: GWAR


PRT: Bands that are asking to be pranked? If so, how would you go about it? 

Stacey: I don’t know who we’re gonna be pranking yet.  It will take a bit of time to find out.  But I am sure we will do something to someone.  Nothing bad or mean... but we may dress up like them or barge their set to dance.


Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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