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From Far It All Seems Small
From Far It All Seems Small compilation Punk Rock Theory
Thursday, May 9, 2024 - 14:32
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KR Records (the label spearheaded by Supercrush frontman and fixture of PNW underground music, Mark Palm) has announced From Far It All Seems Small, a new compilation documenting the Seattle rock scene of 2024. Due out May 24th, the 14-song collection features new tracks from luminaries like Supercrush, TV Star, Shook Ones, Spiral XP, Star Party, Sun Spots, Fluung, and more--capturing not only an exciting moment in Seattle music, but also essential listening for fans of all things loud and catchy.

To mark the announcement, Supercrush have shared their new contribution "Lost My Head" another nugget of truly perfect guitar pop from the reigning champions of truly perfect guitar pop.

Continuing in the spirit of regional compilation albums like 1988's Sub Pop 200, From Far It All Seems Small serves as a snapshot of the contemporary Seattle scene, highlighting the area's abundance of incredible alternative, punk, and shoegaze groups. The idea was conceived by the members of Supercrush while on a cross-country tour, during long drives spent reflecting on the wealth of great bands back at home. “We realized the scene here is the best it’s been in a long, long time," explains Palm. "There was a good feeling of camaraderie developing between many of the groups from playing shows together and working alongside each other on various projects. The comp is an opportunity to celebrate the music from our extended circle of friends here in town, and hopefully to galvanize the scene and contribute further to that sense of camaraderie.”

From Far It All Seems Small will be available digitally and at record shops throughout Seattle and Tacoma on May 24th, with an exclusive “Emerald City green” colored vinyl limited edition available only at Sonic Boom Records store. The compilation will be available in stores across the rest of the country June 28th.


From Far It All Seems Small track listing:

  1. "Hole One" - Sunspots
  2. "Lost My Head" - Supercrush
  3. "Awake (Spring Version)" - Spiral XP
  4. "Ride" - TV Star
  5. "Happy Diving" - Shine
  6. "Crispin Glover" - Dead Family Dog
  7. "Jewelry" - Hell Baby
  8. "Glad We're Here" - Prim
  9. "Sunlight" - Kennero
  10. "The Legend" - Fluung
  11. "July One" - Shook Ones
  12. "Old As The Sun" - Star Party
  13. "Skin (Kirby's Dream Debased)" - Versing
  14. "Twenty" - Fell Off