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Revolution Spring
The Suicide Machines Revolution Spring Punk Rock Theory
Thursday, January 30, 2020 - 10:33
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In December 2019, Fat Mike dropped a list of albums that were coming out in 2020. One of them was The Suicide Machines, whose debut FAT full-length, 'Revolution Spring,' streets on March 27th. The new album is filled to the brim with blistering, rousing songs that combine hardcore, ska, and anthemic punk rock and was recorded in “about 12 days” at Rancho Recordo, and produced by Less Than Jake’s bassist Roger Lima.

Vocalist, Jason Navarro, had this to share about joining the FAT family: We all felt we wrote such a good record that there could be no home for us other than FAT. It’s an honor to be in the DIY house they built and be included with so many Legendary bands. Feels like we are finally home.


Track listing:

  1. Bully in Blue
  2. Awkward Always    
  3. Babylon of Ours
  4. Flint Hostage Crisis
  5. Play Caesar
  6. Trapped in a Bomb
  7. Detroit is the New Miami
  8. Eternal Contratian
  9. Well Whiskey Wishes
  10. Black Tar Halo
  11. Empty Time
  12. Impossible Possibilities
  13. Potter's Song
  14. Simple
  15. Anarchrist Wedding
  16. Cheers to Ya