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Double Relaxation
So Totally Double Relaxation Punk Rock Theory
Wednesday, March 20, 2024 - 08:56
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Since 2015, So Totally humbly studied their surroundings and themselves, perfecting a sound present from 2016’s A Cheap Close-Up of Heaven, and 2019’s In The Shape Of. So Totally’s shimmering guitars typically sit underneath lush vocals that recall 90’s groups like Swirlies and The Breeders. These releases brought So Totally to the point of singular focus on drafting their third album, Double Your Relaxation.


Upon formation, So Totally bonded over an admiration of Land of Talk, and while the influence is present in vocalist/guitarist Roya Weidman’s vocals, the band sonically has more in common with Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, and Spirit of the Beehive…creating walls of sound that imply a towering live experience. The moody and surreal nature of the songs works perfectly for So Totally’s shoegaze/heavy indie style.


Double Relaxation track list:

  1. Welcome Back
  2. Distinct Star
  3. Doz Roses
  4. BTW
  5. Strange Way
  6. Baby Step To Revenge
  7. Weak To Leaf
  8. Grass