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Singing Lungs Mutter Punk Rock Theory
Wednesday, October 30, 2019 - 10:55
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'Mutter' is the second proper release from Michigan punk-rockers Singing Lungs, following their debut LP, 'Groan'. Fans of Lagwagon, Lemonheads, and old-school Green Day will find a lot to like here- gruff but sing-y vocals, distorted guitars that crunch along to a driving rhythm section. IThink 90s punk rock, when punk rock was still underground but priming to break through.

Features the drummer from Cheap Girls, a board game designer, and a zoo keeper. I mean, that's obviously a winning combination, right?


Track listing:

  1. I Don't Remember Much
  2. The Kids I Used To Know
  3. Leave The Lights On
  4. Demo Tape
  5. Time Well Spent