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The Longest Lonesome
Rarity The Longest Lonesome Punk Rock Theory
Wednesday, February 27, 2019 - 22:08
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Canadian post-hardcore band RARITY has emerged with a new album and more intensity than ever before. The Longest Lonesome is set for an August 30th release.

“The album title came to us as the sum of every experience the group has had over the past two years,” explains drummer Evan James Woods. “After what felt like an eternity of setback after setback, both professionally and personally, we really began to disappear inside our own self-abasement. Creating the album was like traveling a dark tunnel, no end in sight. A seemingly un-ending low point in our lives, so we named it accordingly.”      

The 11-track in-your-face album was produced, engineered, and mixed by Sam Guaiana at Room 21 Sound in Toronto. From unrelenting trauma (“Shawinigan”) to painful acceptance (“Drown Me Out”) to tongue and cheek denial (“Heel”) to a somber change of pace sonically (“Tiger Lily”) to desperate pleading (“I’ll Come Around”); Rarity touches on self-criticism, introversion, and loneliness. “Everything was written as a response to a very specific time in our career,” vows Woods. “We took all of our favourite moments and sounds from our previous material and focused in on what made a Rarity song a Rarity song.”