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The Goat
Puppy The Goat Punk Rock Theory
Tuesday, November 13, 2018 - 19:25
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Puppy’s anticipated debut album is a fusion of mighty riffs, infectious melodies and genre-bustin’ ambition. In short, it’s like nothing else.

Since releasing their ‘Vol II’ EP in 2017, this London-based trio have been climbing the ranks of rock royalty; they’ve featured on ‘Guitar Hero’ and they’ve appeared at a host of major festivals, including Glastonbury, picking up heavy praise (The Guardian, Radio One, etc.) along the way… All of which has paved the way for ‘The Goat’ – 12 tracks that successfully combine the left-field melodic turns of Weezer, the hazy fuzz of Smashing Pumpkins and the straight-to-the bone sonics of the Big Four of Thrash, the end result being a signature sound that hides a bloody, occult-esque heart beneath its festival-ready choruses.
With eight of the album’s 12 tracks produced by Neil Kennedy (Creeper, Boston Manor) and the remaining four by Tom Dalgety (Royal Blood, Ghost), ‘The Goat’ is a record that’ll inspire grins from even the most grizzled of metalheads and headbanging from the most hesitant of indie kids, dodging convention and pretension at every turn in favour of a fun-first approach. With video tracks ‘Black Hole’, ‘Demons’ & ‘Entombed’ all proudly featured, the latter pair in emboldened guise, ‘The Goat’ will be one of 2019’s finest guitar albums from one of the country’s most entrancing new bands.


Track listing:

  1. Black Hole     
  2. Vengeance     
  3. Poor Me     
  4. Just Like You     
  5. And So I Burn…     
  6. Entombed     
  7. World Stands Still     
  8. Bathe In Blood     
  9. Nightwalker     
  10. I Feel An Evil     
  11. Handlebars     
  12. Demons