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No Parents Middleground Punk Rock Theory
Thursday, September 12, 2019 - 20:58
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No Parents will release their new EP 'Middleground' on September 27.


No Parents are a band.
No Parents are from the San Fernando Valley.
No Parents play music.
No Parents is punk rock.
No Parents’ first show was at a high schooler’s mom’s house. There was a fist fight over pizza, and a pool.
No Parents go way back.
Deedee and Nick played tee-ball together.
No Parents are family.
Killian and Dee Dee are siblings.
No Parents was originally just going to be Zoë playing an MPC.
No Parents decided that was a bad idea, and Killian, Zoë, and Dee Dee are the founding members of No Parents.
Everyone in No Parents’ parents are divorced.
No Parents love parents.
No Parents like to party.
No Parents have a secret handshake.
No Parents eat meat.
No Parents have tattoos.
No Parents were in an Eva Longoria movie called “Low Riders.”
No Parents used to tour in a converted shuttle bus. It had homemade bunk beds, a lift gates and bus doors.
No Parents are Survivors.
When we were touring in Canada the front left tire of our van flew off while we were going 60mph.
No Parents have fans.
Tony Hawk and Randy Newman, both on separate occasions, have attended No Parents shows. It is unclear if they enjoyed the performances or the music.
No Parents play by their own rules.
They once spent an entire music video budget on margaritas at
No Parents made some new music at Balboa Studios with Danny Nogueiras.
No Parents will be releasing it this September via GRNDVW.
No Parents first single will be "Middleground."
No Parents didn't spend their video budget for "Middleground" on margaritas, but maybe should have?
You be the judge.
People from Seattle are called “pike mouths”.