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Paul Bunyan's Slingshot
Liquid Mike Paul Bunyan's Slingshot Punk Rock Theory
Sunday, January 28, 2024 - 11:06
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Liquid Mike, The five-piece alternative rock / power-pop breakout from Marquette, Michigan made their surprise mark with the release of their self-titled debut, or S/T in 2023, which quickly caught the attention of both music critics and randoms on the internet alike for its hook-heavy heartland power-pop. The band proved they were capable of doing more with a minute than most can do with 3 in their short hook laden alternative rock anthems. Now, Liquid Mike are gearing up to release their upcoming follow-up sophomore LP titled, Paul Bunyan's Slingshot, which finds Liquid Mike damn-near-perfecting their lightning-in-a-bottle sound. The 13 tracks on the forthcoming LP are as sticky as molasses yet compact enough that it never once feels half-baked. Its blistering and high-energy theatrics put a lighthearted spin on the working-class, Midwestern life that these songs so brilliantly capture.

About the title of the new LP, the album is named for an obscure art piece that someone in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan made before a teenager randomly, drunkenly cut it in half one night. Mike explains: "I've always thought it was funny how many Midwest towns claim to be the home of Paul Bunyan or have some sort of connection to him because they're always the smallest little towns. This album is about living in a place like that."


Paul Bunyan's Slingshot track list:

  1. Drinking And Driving
  2. K2
  3. Town Ease
  4. Mouse Trap
  5. Drug Dealer
  6. AM
  7. Pacer
  8. USPS
  9. Small Giants
  10. Works Bomb
  11. American Caveman
  12. -
  13. Paul Bunyan’s Slingshot