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Giants Chair Prefabylon Punk Rock Theory
Tuesday, October 29, 2019 - 10:21
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For more than two decades now Giants Chair records have lived on turntables, blasted through car speakers, rattled apartment walls, destroyed headphones, and finally become recognized as the timeless artifacts of emotional experience and endeavor that they are for so many people. Now, in perfect time, 2019 marks the return of Giants Chair with the release of the bands highly-anticipated new album on Spartan Records, Prefabylon. With all of the the band’s original core components and members still intact, listeners needn’t brace for any departure from the band's signature post-punk DNA. Equal parts early new wave, skate punk, prog, political folk, and 70’s and 80’s radio rock, Giants Chair’s influences can be traced across their now ‘era-transcending’ catalogue.


Track listing:

  1. Rust Belt Rooster
  2. Black Static
  3. Dirty Winter
  4. Kids Running
  5. Vaguely Familiar
  6. Ghost Love
  7. Russian Racehorse
  8. Time Lapse Shadows
  9. Lost Again
  10. House Lights