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The Cup Of Pestilence
Frenzal Rhomb The Cup Of Pestilence Punk Rock Theory
Friday, February 17, 2023 - 09:10
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It's the all-new Dark Ages! Of archaic snake oils and occult alchemy, turning horse drugs into fool's gold, and otherwise worldly townsfolk into the village idiot. But all is not lost, dear vassal, dear patron, for who is that doth march o'er the crest of yon hill, battle-scarred armor reflecting back the sun of a brand new day? It's Frenzal Rhomb's new album, The Cup Of Pestilence! Drink long and deep of its zest. Its lifegiving succor. It's mad riffs. I'll probably stop with the weird medieval stuff now.

About the album:

"We've done a new album! Our tenth! It took us a while because, you know, *gestures everywhere*, but we did it. Written in our houses, mostly during the pandemic, demoed at The Pet Food Factory, and recorded, mixed, and mastered at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, Colorado in the year of our lord 2022, by Bill Stevenson, Jason Livermore, Andrew Berlin, Chris Beeble and a cast of other people who look better in chainmail than we do. Art by Glenno and his beautiful warped mind.

Nineteen songs full of the characters and slightly discomforting ideas you've come to love or at least put up with from us. The stories of good times, beloved friends, and slightly less-friendly types ("Where Drug Dealers Take Their Kids," "The Wreckage, "Lane Way Dave,"" I Think My Neighbour Is Trying To Kill Me" for example), the tales of enlightenment through recreational substances of "Dog Tranquiliser" and "Thought It Was Yoga But It Was Ketamine," and some great budgetary ideas for a cash-strapped household, with songs such as Instant Coffee and Gravox, the latter a Paul Kelly classic updated for the time-poor sous-chef in the kitchen at Christmas. Also, an unusually large number of animal references. And an a cappella choir that's just Jason. We contain multitudes.

And we also contain a serious number of hot riffs and licks, brilliant bass lines, and devastating drum bits that we all definitely got in one take. (Actually, Gordy did get most of it in about one take. He's a busy man)."


The Cup Of Pestilence track list:

  1. Where Drug Dealers Take Their Kids
  2. Gone to the Dogs
  3. The Wreckage
  4. Dead Man’s Underpants
  5. Lil Dead$hit
  6. Laneway Dave
  7. Instant Coffee
  8. Dog Tranquiliser
  9. I Think My Neighbour Is Planning to Kill Me
  10. Horse Meat
  11. How to Make Gravox
  12. Deathbed Darren
  13. Tontined
  14. Fireworks
  15. Hospitality and Violence
  16. Those People
  17. Old Mate Neck Tattoo
  18. Finally I Can Get Arrested in This Town
  19. Thought It Was Yoga but It Was Ketamine