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Before I Die
Footballhead Before I Die Punk Rock Theory
Wednesday, June 19, 2024 - 12:02
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Chicago's Footballhead swiftly returns with a brand new mini album on the heels of their debut full-length album, Overthinking Everything, released in March on Tiny Engines. Only five months removed from their debut album, Before I Die was once again mixed and engineered by Snow Ellet and mastered by Jesse Cannon (Basement, The Menzingers, Saves The Day, Somos).

There is no way to avoid the pitfalls of the lived human experience; and in a world where the passing of time carries a residual but certain cynicism, we can’t help but sit from a polarized vantage point. Footballhead’s new mini album Before I Die takes into consideration several bitter hypotheses and truths: fate will make its attempt to control you, the clock never ceases to tick, and you are always judged on your impact, not your intent. This 7-song collection drives the band’s ethos harder and raises their ceiling even higher. The second single and title track is out and streaming now. It follows the first single "Your Ghost" which was released in May.