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Ever Loving
Dogbreth Ever Loving Punk Rock Theory
Monday, August 5, 2019 - 13:47
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Seattle's Dogbreth have announced their new album 'Ever Loving,' which will be out October 25 via Asian Man Records. Along with the announcement, the band shared the first single, 'When U Call My Name'.


Track listing:

  1. Old Keys    
  2. When U Call My Name    
  3. Took My Time    
  4. Walk You Again    
  5. Heat Island    
  6. Think I'm Funny    
  7. Two Plastic Spools    
  8. Payless    
  9. Like Pretend    
  10. Like a Gift    
  11. Need More Time    
  12. Hindsight    
  13. Me Changing    
  14. Through The Walls