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Flash Gordon Ramsay Street
The Decline Flash Gordon Ramsay Street Punk Rock Theory
Sunday, July 21, 2019 - 13:21
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The Decline are back with a collection of 17 punchy tracks ranging in length between just 5 seconds and 4 minutes on their new album ‘Flash Gordon Ramsay Street’. The album takes inspiration from subjects ranging from recipe’s for vegan buffalo wings, the property market vs. smashed avocado and Zelda gaming tips all the way to philosophical Marxist understandings of false consciousness. Pat Decline pins the main album themes down to “loss, moving on and letting go, identity, mortality and friendship. There’s a lot of references to a bunch of our favourite things like The Legend of Zelda, food, the ocean, and the fun times we have had getting in a van and playing skate punk.”

‘Flash Gordon Ramsay Street’ will be in stores Friday 30 August.


Track listing:

  1. Bullet With Buffalo Wings
  2. Brovine
  3. It Was Always You
  4. War
  5. Verge Collection
  6. Summerbucht
  7. Changing My Shoes
  8. Smashed Avo
  9. Real Again
  10. High Extinction
  11. I’m Not Alright
  12. Don’t Jump A Giftshark In The Mouth
  13. Bahia De Verano
  14. Get Hyrule, Save Zelda
  15. The More You Know
  16. Your Funeral
  17. Josh