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This Is Crime Wave
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Friday, February 17, 2023 - 08:43
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Fat Mike, Sam King and Ceschi Ramos aka Codefendants, have announced the release of their highly-anticipated debut album, ‘This Is Crime Wave’. The genre blending album will be released on March 24th via Fat Wreck imprint, Bottles To The Ground. All that Fat Mike has to say about the new Codefendants album is,

"If you’re a teenager, this is the best record released in your lifetime.”

Highlighting today's announcement is the release of new single ‘Def Cons’ and the accompanying music video, the fourth installment of the short film written by Fat Mike and serialized across five music video releases.

“I suggest listening to the song first - then watch the video. The song is better than the video, and the video is pretty fucking good.” - Fat Mike

Commenting on the very real issues addressed in the video for " Def Cons", Ceschi Ramos says: “As someone who’s been pepper sprayed while arrested, beaten with nightsticks & had more police guns to my head than I’d like to remember, filming this video was an exercise in confronting PTSD. Enjoy.”

This Is Crime Wave track list:

  1. Def Cons
  2. Abscessed (feat. Get Dead and Onry Ozzborn)
  3. Fast Ones (feat. The DOC)
  4. Suicide By Pigs
  5. Disaster Scenes (feat Stacey Dee)
  6. Prison Camp
  7. Suckers
  8. Brutiful
  9. Sell Me Youth
  10. Coda-fendants