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Clowns Nature Nurture Punk Rock Theory
Wednesday, February 13, 2019 - 07:30
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Fat Wreck Chords signed Australia's Clowns and will be releasing their brand-new album, Nature/Nurture on April 12th.

Vocalist, Stevie Williams expounds on their latest effort: “Nature/Nurture is an amalgamation of our last three records, which we’ve made over the last 6 or so years,” he says. “Our line-up has been a little bit fluid over the years, but this record is the band really coming to fruition with this line-up and with all the different sounds that we’ve experimented with over the years – everywhere from super-adolescent punk rock to nine-minute long psych jams.”


Track listing:

  1. Bland is the New Black
  2. Soul for Sale
  3. Freezing in the Sun
  4. Nature
  5. I Wanna Feel Again
  6. I Shaved My Legs for You
  7. 1:19
  8. Prick
  9. Prey for Us
  10. May I Be Exhumed?
  11. Nurture