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Books On Tape
Bad Luck Books On Tape Punk Rock Theory
Wednesday, June 14, 2023 - 16:29
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Take This To Heart Records just announced New York City based Bad Luck’s brand new EP entitled “Books On Tape,” out August 11th. Check out new single/music video for “Safe To Say” below.

"Books On Tape is a brutally honest collection of some of my stories, memories, self reflection and feelings from the last few years that range from extremely bright to extremely dark. I feel like it’s a true sonic representation of me working on myself, with the results varying from positive to negative in mostly extreme ways. In my opinion, the tracks “Safe To Say” and the title track, “Books On Tape” highlight the release’s defining qualities; catchy but emotion provoking music that’s meant to stick with you in your head and your heart." - Dominick Fox


Books On Tape track list:

  1. Turn It Off
  2. In Retrospect
  3. Safe To Say
  4. Detour (Scenic Route)
  5. Books On Tape