Virginity shares new track 'You Can't Stop The Machine'
Virginity shares new track 'You Can't Stop The Machine'
Saturday, August 28, 2021 - 09:44
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Virginity proves that time flies when you’re having fun on their latest single “You Can’t Stop The Machine.” The track is one of the star singles taken from the band’s upcoming full-length album POPMORTEM set to release in October. They are setting out to capture the essence of destiny’s ticking clock and approaching the subject with their signature playfully self aware perspective:

“It’s about the general feeling of life moving too fast at times. I’ll think about something that I feel happened a year or two ago, then suddenly I’ll think, ‘oh shit, no. That was a decade ago.’ People always tell you how fast it goes by and it doesn’t feel like that until all of a sudden it does. The universe has its schedule and you have yours and many times they aren’t well synched up.” - Casey Crawford, Lead Vocalist of Virginity

Virginity plays punk music written through a mature lens. Casey Crawford could mark across a map to symbolize the far-reaching influences where he began honing his voice. However, it’s in the visceral experiences of thirty-something crises where he fully discovered it. Only time and evolution could mix up their musical cocktail of accidental luck and punch-drunk honesty.