Video Store releases "Leftovers" EP
Saturday, May 6, 2017 - 16:02
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Dutch band Video Store have a new EP out called "Leftovers". The three songs on it sound like what you would expct from a couple of punk and hardcore kids (they previously spent time in Face Tomorrow, Malkovich, Modern Life Is War and Razor Crusade) who are now a couple of years older. Mid-paced and melodic are keywords here, but there is still the occasional outburst that probably surprises them as much as the listener. 

Here's what the band had to say about the EP:

"As a lot of people know, sometimes when you order take out you find yourself with just too much. You save those leftovers for the next day. It actually tastes better. But letting the eats sit too long will just let it go to waste. Last year we recorded a couple songs. We chose to put four of those out there as a demo tape and didn't really do anything with the other ones.

But as we don't want to let anything go to waste we decided to release those leftover songs as a digital EP. Here they are."

Check out the nifty - and obviously big budget - video for the song "Turn Up The Light" below and then proceed by picking up your copy of the EP here.