Turnover shares new single 'Parties'
Turnover shares new single 'Parties'
Wednesday, October 2, 2019 - 17:42
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Turnover shares a new single from their forthcoming new album. "Parties" follows the previously-released "Much After Feeling" and "Plant Sugar" as the latest offering from the band's forthcoming LP Altogether, due November 1st for Run For Cover Records. The new track speaks to the paralyzing effect of being trapped in ones self-conscious and the relief of finally being able to enjoy the moment.

"There's a part in that song where the tone completely changes," says frontman Austin Getz,"and that represents the moment when your walls finally come down and you start to just appreciate where you are. The lyrics go from describing the nervousness you feel in a particular moment to just describing the moment itself because you're finally out of your head and able to recognize the beauty that's all around you."