Citizen unveil video for "In the Middle of It All"
Wednesday, August 23, 2017 - 16:16
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Citizen is set to release As You Please on October 6th via Run For Cover Records, and the band has just unveiled the Christopher Good-directed video for a brand new track called "In the Middle of It All"....

"We began dialogue with Christopher Good immediately after finishing the Jet video. We knew we didn't want to physically appear in the video. We told him to feel free to make it as bizarre as he wanted." says Citizen's Nick Hamm, adding "It's interesting approaching a video this way because I feel like my interpretation is from an outside perspective, similar to everyone that will see it. Watching the character search desperately for identity and it ultimately being fruitless is something I think a lot of us confront at some point."

Two years after their previous Run For Cover LP, Everybody Is Going To Heaven, Citizen's perspective is far less sublime. As You Please is a confrontational record, incapable of turning a blind eye toward the inescapable strife. And so, the band pursues the source of discontent that is ravaging it's Rust Belt city of Toledo, Ohio with their most dynamic record to date.