Teenage Halloween release 'Getting Bitter' single/video
Teenage Halloween release 'Getting Bitter' single/video
Tuesday, August 29, 2023 - 17:21
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After announcing their forthcoming sophomore studio album Till You Return last month, Teenage Halloween have released their brand new single, the second track to be released ahead of the album, titled “Getting Bitter,” which sees bass player Tricia Marshall taking lead vocal and songwriting duties.

"It's about feeling the peak of frustration with an addict family member," states Marshall. "You've offered them all kinds of help in the past --emotional support, financial support, what have you -- and realize that your help is fruitless without them first wanting to help themselves. And because you care for and love this person, you want to continue the support, but a bitter edge develops as they continue their self-destructive path. You grow somewhat resentful of this person who takes family and sobriety for granted, when in reality it's not entirely their fault, so you're left in an uncomfortable crossroad.”

“Getting Bitter” arrives alongside a music video which connotes early Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Dr. Katz-inspired squiggle cartoon unease, which echoes the songs themes of anxiety and fear. The video, created by NYC multimedia artist Preston Spurlock, features an antagonist skeleton who moves through life unaware of the terrifying affect his actions are having on everyone he encounters.