Take The Reins share video for new single 'I'm At Your Door'
Take The Reins share video for new single 'I'm At Your Door'
Friday, May 27, 2022 - 16:34
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Take The Reins have shared the music video for their new single, 'I'm At Your Door'. Shot through a doorbell cam, the video has a cast of characters ranging from bible thumpers to Girl Scouts, all vying for your attention and subsequently destroying your property. It all ends with a great old school movie reference as well. The tune is the title track of the Chicago band’s upcoming album that will be out June 22nd via Flat Aht Records.

“The song is based on feeling defeated after making many attempts to be a part of someone's life but they are just not wanting to let you in,” says vocalist Courtney Boyers. “The video is a literal interpretation of the main character knocking at this person's door trying to get through to them but they never answer. When they first show up to the house, they knock with high hopes but you see them feeling more and more defeated after many failed attempts. they end up basically losing their mind and then choose to walk away.”

Take The Reins self-released their debut full-length album Addiction by Subtraction in 2017. Since then, they've performed with many prominent punk bands such as Masked Intruder, The Queers, MakeWar, The Might Mighty Bosstones, 88 Fingers Louie, and more. From selling out shows in their hometown to appearing at national festivals like FEST and Riot Fest, Take The Reins gearing up for a big 2022 summer.