Sweet Gloom release video for new single 'American Honey'
Sweet Gloom release video for new single 'American Honey'
Friday, June 2, 2023 - 12:04
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LA-based pop-punk three-piece Sweet Gloom released a video for their new single, "American Honey," an anthemic, hook-driven singalong rich with harmonies and heartache. The band also announced that their forthcoming debut album Reverie will be out on major streaming platforms and on vinyl via Asian Man Records on Friday, July 7. Pre-orders for the vinyl are now open on the Asian Man Records store.

"American Honey" is an unabashed pop-punk anthem complete with gang vocals, half-time breakdowns, and an outrageously catchy chorus that echoes in your ears well after the song has stopped. It’s the euphoric soundtrack to your first time crowd-surfing, the cathartic release that inspires you to throw your arm around a stranger's shoulder as you sing along together, the nostalgic reminder of why you fell in love with the genre in the first place. And beneath the slick drum fills and incendiary guitar hooks, lead singer Jaake Margo’s lyrics grapple with ambition, identity, and uncertainty, making this track all the more relatable and relevant.

In keeping with Sweet Gloom’s wry and macabre sense of humor, the video for “American Honey” features a series of lighthearted crimes, including robbery, kidnapping, and identity theft. While the real band remains tied up in the back of an unmarked van, a group of imposters takes their place in the studio in an extremely misguided attempt to impress a love interest. Thankfully, no actual crimes were committed during the filming of this video.