Lemuria release fan-submitted video from 'Recreational Hate'
Friday, February 2, 2018 - 21:20
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Lemuria has made a yearly tradition of releasing a "Secret LP" that they make available to their fans on their site and socials. Past years have included a 12" version of their original demo cd-r and album outtakes, but recently fans got a treat when Lemuria surprise-released a new album called Recreational Hate, and those 700 fans that got the secret release were the first to get the limited physical release of the album before its available in record stores everywhere today via the band's newly minted Turbo Worldwide imprint, with the help of Asian Man Records and Big Scary Monsters. "Thanks to everyone who took a gamble and purchased the "secret LP" we put up for sale back in August. We're excited to unveil that the LP you ordered is our new studio album, Recreational Hate." the band wrote to fans, adding, "Your trust and subsequent purchase enabled us to achieve some great feats with this release, including working with the 4-time Grammy winning producer and engineer Chris Shaw."

The band again turned to fans on social media for the first video from their new album by asking them to choose their favorite song from the album and make a music video for it quickly in time for today's official release of Recreational Hate! Erik Button of Charlotte, North Carolina is the grand prize winner and he will be getting a check and prize pack from the band.