Sparta Releases New Track "Empty Houses"
Sparta Releases New Track "Empty Houses"
Friday, February 21, 2020 - 16:02
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Sparta are returning with a new album 'Trust The River' on April 10 and today the El Paso band featuring Jim Ward shares a new single off the LP, 'Empty Houses,' their first new album since 2006’s 'Threes.'

Of the track Ward notes, “Our bass player Matt Miller brought in the completed music and lyrical concept for ‘Empty Houses’ and I fell in love with it - I worked out the final lyrics and vocals pretty quickly in the studio with David Garza bouncing lines back and forth. The idea centers around the void left by the market crash and what became of the houses left vacant. We wanted to capture some of that anxiety and fear that must have surrounded those times and try to imagine how to cope."