Dboy announces run for presidency with new video and single
Dboy announces run for presidency with new video and single
Wednesday, February 20, 2019 - 22:04
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Ontario-based band Dboy recently signed to Dine Alone Records and celebrated the occasion with a new 7". The satin jacket-clad band who would look positively suave if it weren't for the gimp masks, are now following things up with a new video for the song 'Dboy For President'.

The band has released this official statement via spokesperson Kirill Kutchokokov:

"Dboy for President" is the single for the modern free world. It is a movement to validate the experiences of the Official Dboy Scouts Order as the experiences of a collective so long weighed down with the forces of sonic austerity. As a new era of aesthetic ingenuity begins, brought forward by the gloved hands of the three wolves, and the masked cheekbones of those who forged the fourth wall, it remains a constant reminder that Dboy have taken on the laborious task of developing novelty and shock, so you don't have to. Their first release on Dine Alone Records, and an extension of the thirteen point program set out in their official manifesto, it stands as a testament to the functioning of an entity riding the crest of a constant wave, and very much in total control."

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