Semaphore share new track "CNN"
Friday, August 11, 2017 - 11:13
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NYC-based Semaphore have shared new track "CNN". Siddhu Anandalingam explains that the song is about "dealing with the concept of discussion versus argument, and the falsity of implied equal time."

As a trained jazz saxophonist who also plays over half a dozen instruments, Siddhu Anandalingam has been writing and creating music while growing up listening to his dad’s old record collection. Over the years, his creative output has flirted with alternative rock, modern jazz, and ambient electronic music, eventually taking the hybrid form that is his recording project and band, Semaphore. Drawing from influences like Pink Floyd, Tycho, Smashing Pumpkins, M83, and Tigran Hamasyan, Semaphore’s music is intricate and lush.