Scowl share new single ft. Sammy from Drain
 Scowl share new single ft. Sammy from Drain
Saturday, October 16, 2021 - 00:26
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California hardcore punk band Scowl has shared “Fuck Around”, the second single off their upcoming album How Flowers Grow, out November 19th on Flatspot Records. Their latest single is a raucous blend of punk sensibility and hardcore attitude. Clocking in at just under 60 seconds, the song hurtles forward with a furious two-step friendly riff and makes good use of a vicious guest vocal feature from Sammy Ciaramitaro of Drain.

“This song is so much fun I almost forget what I was trying to say here," says vocalist Kat about the song. "But I'm grateful the lyrics are so simple and literal. Sammy jumping in just adds the perfect punch and it just makes me wanna jump around. I’m talking about people thinking outside their idea of what “life should be” and kinda just calling for people to question what the hell they’re actually doing + question why it might be what they're told.”

The ten songs on How Flowers Grow could be a masterclass in how to write authentic, heartfelt punk and hardcore without losing the sense of youthful enthusiasm and fun that makes the genre compelling to begin with. The album was announced in September with lead single “Bloodhound” with vinyl pre-orders selling out almost immediately.