SAVAK (members of Obits, The Cops, Holy Fuck) share new single and video 'Will Get Fooled Again'
SAVAK (members of Obits, The Cops, Holy Fuck) share new single and video 'Will Get Fooled Again'
Saturday, February 3, 2024 - 09:10
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Brooklyn’s post-punk stalwarts SAVAK are excited to share their latest single "Will Get Fooled Again" and its accompanying music video which was directed by Paul Heck. The track is the latest song to be released from SAVAK's new album Flavors Of Paradise out March 1 on Ernest Jenning Recording Co. / Peculiar Works Music. 

On "Will Get Fooled Again" the band's Michael Jaworski says:

The absurd idea put forward by The Who of never getting fooled again is just dumb. And arrogant. There’s always a dude who thinks he’s smarter and better than everyone else. Thankfully most people can see through it and recognize the insecurity behind the charade.

This song addresses that insecurity. Specifically the vulnerability and precariousness of romantic relationships. We are all imperfect and it’s easy to get lost in our own heads, thinking things will get better. But can they? Ultimately that’s up to us. And truly knowing

ourselves is the best bet for moving in that direction.

Despite the complexity of our interconnections, maybe there’s something we can learn from the simple and beautiful behaviors of seahorses (mentioned in the last verse). They go through a long and treacherous search to find their mates and, once they find each other, they are mates for life. They even dance for each other every morning

to reinforce their bond.

Curiously, it's the male seahorses that reproduce. Applying that idea to humans, which would be revolutionary and undoubtedly eye-opening, I wondered if males of our species could reproduce, would we no longer be troubled by so much violence and war? Clearly there’s a lot we can absorb from the nature that’s all around us.

And, yes, we will get fooled again. Over and over again.