Brooklyn post-punks SAVAK share video for new single 'Cold Ocean'
Brooklyn post-punks SAVAK share video for new single 'Cold Ocean'
Tuesday, January 11, 2022 - 10:11
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Brooklyn post-punk mainstays SAVAK have returned with "Cold Ocean" b/w "Adolescence Obsolete," the latest in a string of ripping new singles. You can check out the video for A-side "Cold Ocean" below.

The “Cold Ocean” video, directed by Rob Kassabian and starring Mark Weills as “Walker Slim,” was shot on a cold November day in various Brooklyn locales, including the seasonally bare Brighton Beach and Coney Island boardwalks. Weills as Slim portrays a down-on-his-luck loser who must hawk a prized possession to buy a ring for a lover who never shows. SAVAK principals Michael Jaworski and Sohrab Habibion have supporting roles as “Babyshoes” and “Sniffles” respectively. Two Brooklyn hustlers mired in their grind, doing what they do before moving on to their next grift. The video ends with Walker Slim stood up on the boardwalk, frustrated by a failed romantic rendezvous facing unrequited love and a broken dream of what will never be. The tide rises and the tide falls.

SAVAK is the two-headed beast of Sohrab Habibion and Michael Jaworski, with Matt Schulz on drums. Jaworski and Habibion have been sharing singing and songwriting duties since the band’s inception in 2015, both taking turns singing their songs while playing guitar and other various instruments. Jaworski takes his shot here penning and singing lead vocals on "Cold Ocean," while the B-side to this digital A-side features Habibion in kind on “Adolescence Obsolete.”