Ride shares new track "Lannoy Point"
Saturday, June 10, 2017 - 09:30
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Ride have released a new single "Lannoy Point", meditating on the state of broken Britain and hoping for a new start to turn things around. Hear the anthemic, chiming opener from the forthcoming Weather Diaries, their first album in over 20 years due out next week on Friday June 16th through Wichita Recordings.

Ride frontman Mark Gardner elaborates on his frustrations with the state of the nation poured into "Lannoy Point's" lyrics, "Lyrically 'Lannoy Point' is my reflection on what the fuck is going on with all this backward 'Little Britain' depressing, blind faith, Brexit times we find ourselves in. As I muse on in the chorus, I hope that 'A better sense can start again' to find our way out of this mess!"

Bassist Steve Queralt counters with his pithy insight into the writing of the track, "'Lannoy Point' is the result of going synth shopping in the States. I found an old Poly 61 exactly the same as the one I had when I was very young and the backing track is the sound of my bank account emptying as I shipped it back to London."