Rebuilder release new single 'Stayin Alive'
Rebuilder release new single 'Stayin Alive'
Wednesday, August 2, 2023 - 08:53
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Rebuilder return today with the final taster in advance of their Local Support LP. “Stayin’ Alive” serves up a melodic gut punch as vocalist/guitarist, Sal Ellington lays bare the realities of grasping for a sense of mental wellbeing.  He explains,, "Obviously the song deals with the topic of suicide. Depression and mental health issues can feel so debilitating, you can feel entirely alone, helpless even with tons of friends and people around. It doesn’t ever necessarily mean you are going to try and kill yourself. Sometimes it’s just most of a feeling that I don’t want to be around anymore or exist. Can I snap my fingers and turn into a puff of smoke?"

Ellington explores these dark corners in depth throughout the song, but finds a light at the end of the tunnel with the repeated refrain that "we always find our way home”.

Local Support (out August 11th) is Rebuilder’s second full-length album and their most complete tribute yet to the gritty determination and good people that constitute the special character of their home state of Massachusetts.